How to Choose a Custom Sweater for Your Business

You know your business the best, therefore in the best position to choose the best custom sweaters that is most suitable for your business. Below are two key points that you need to know before making a decision.

1. What types of sweaters are there?

We consider a knitted sweater to be any top that is produced by a knit or crochet method where you can really see the yarns that make up its structure. It can be a pullover or open in the front with buttons or zippers.  Those yarns can be made of, really, just about anything, but here are a few more common materials.

Types of Sweaters

1) Wool Sweater

Generally speaking, wool is the hair gathered from sheep and goats, but it can also include that of rabbits, camels, alpacas, llamas, and vicunas. Basically, look for an animal that can keep itself warm under extreme conditions: Someone makes wool from it. 

2) Merino Sweater

Made from the wool of merino sheep, merino is commonly used for extremely finely knit sweaters that border on (or can actually be) merino t-shirts.

3) Cashmere Sweater

A super-soft yarn that’s sheared from goats in Mongolia, it’s the very definition of luxury. 

4) Cotton Sweater

From the cotton plant, it’s usually used for lighter weight, cooler sweaters that are more appropriate for late spring or early summer layers. It’s sometimes blended with linen or hemp to add a texture and luster.

5) Silk Sweater

Spun by moths whose cocoons are sacrificed to create opulent fabrics, silk sweaters are not very common: They tend to lose their shape easily, so are often blended with other materials like cotton or wool. They can be, however, very warm and comfortable, yet elegant and colorful. 

6) Acrylic Sweater

A man-made fiber, acrylic is great to help sweaters hold their shape. It’s also pretty easy to care for, and is a great value. It does tend to pill after only a few wearings, particularly where there is any kind of regular friction, like where the arms brush against the body. 

7) Spandex or Elastane Sweater

A stretch fiber. Usually, just a bit blended into a sweater makes it that much easier to pull on and off while also offering ease of movement. 

2. Why do my custom sweaters help market my business?

Selecting the right custom sweater for your business is an important branding and marketing strategy that requires more thought than expected.

Custom made sweaters in your company colors or logo is a cost-effective option for marketing your business and promoting your brand. Putting your company logo on custom sweater, is a great way to advertise your brand and raise awareness of your business.QQKNIT is a professional knitted sweater manufacturer offering various sweaters for more than 20 years could help you.


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Post time: Oct-27-2022