The correct methods and skills of cleaning knitted sweaters

I believe we all have sweaters. Knitted sweaters are very popular. There are many ways to clean dirty sweaters. As long as you look at the style of sweaters, dry cleaning is better for good sweaters. Only in this way can they last longer. The following is the correct way to clean knitted sweaters. You are welcome to read and share. I hope you will like it and care about it.

The right way to clean knitted sweaters?

1. Before washing the sweater, you should first take the dust off the sweater, soak the sweater in cold water for 10 to 20 minutes, take it out and squeeze out the water.

2, give priority to dry cleaning or hand washing, when hand washing, the water temperature should not exceed 30 ℃, it is recommended not to use washing powder, you can choose special detergent for a woolen sweater, mix it with warm water, add amount according to the dirty condition of the woolen sweater, soak and rub gently, then soak and gently rub, repeat several times, then rinse with clean water and dehydrate for 1-2 minutes.

3. The newly bought sweater had better be washed before formal use because in the production process the sweater will be stained with some oil stains, paraffin, dust, and other stolen goods, but also have the smell of anti-moth agents.

4. It is best not to use a clothes hanger to dry at room temperature, but to hang or layout clothes sleeves with a clothes pole and put them in a cool and ventilated place. If possible, the dehydrated woolen sweaters can be dried at 80 ℃.

How to wash a sweater without distortion?

1, if it is hand-washed, inject warm water into the washbasin, drop a small amount of household Ammonia water, and then soak the sweater, leaving the caruncle ingredients on the wool will dissolve. Gently stretch the shrunken part with both hands at the same time, then rinse to dry. When it is semi-dry, pull it open with your hand and get the original shape: then iron it with an iron to restore the original size.

2. If you have washed it in the washing machine, soak it in warm water and iron it with an iron. When you put it in the washing machine, put more washing powder.

3, when washing sweaters, if you want to prevent shrinkage, the water temperature should not exceed 30 ℃ and wash with neutral soap tablets or washing. After the last pass of the water, add a little salt and vinegar, which can effectively maintain the elasticity and luster of the hand clothes, but also neutralize the residual soap and alkali. In order to prevent sweaters from shrinking, the principle of washing sweaters is to wash them as soon as possible. Generally speaking, the more economical the detergent is, the sweater will shrink, so it is better to add more detergent to avoid the size of the sweater. When the sweater is dehydrated after washing, it can be placed on a dry net or curtain for plastic surgery. When it is slightly dry, hang it on a clothes hanger to find a ventilated shade to dry. In addition, before drying fine wool, roll a layer of towels or bath towels on the clothes hanger to prevent deformation.

4. When the sweater is washed and dried, it generally shrinks and becomes smaller, while drying the sweater with water will lengthen and become bigger. The way not to shrink after washing is to put the dried sweater in a flat place, stretch it out, and leave it still. Hang it to dry after a day or two. The sweater will not shrink. The way not to stretch after washing is to put the dried hand clothes in a net pocket. It is best to put them in a full shape before putting them, and then fold them up and let them dry naturally. The sweater will not stretch and become thinner.

5. Try not to wash sweaters with a washing machine.

6. if you wash a sweater, try not to use great effort, and then you should pay attention to the problem of drying, especially the sweater is heavier after washing, it is easy to deform, you can use several clothes racks to reduce the load!

Points for attention in sweater cleaning:

1. Coldwater must be used in the whole process of laundry because if the water is hot, it will make the sweater shrink.

2. Do not use washing powder, shampoo is recommended.

3. Do not soak your sweater! Many people are used to soaking their sweaters in cold water and then washing them after 2-3 hours. This is wrong, but sweaters that have been soaked for a long time must be out of shape!

4. Don't rub the sweater! We are used to rubbing clothes with our hands when we wash clothes by hand, which is right. But the sweater is delicate and expensive, if you rub it with your hands, it will break the fiber in the sweater, so that the sweater is inelastic and as hard as felt.

The above is about the correct methods and skills of cleaning knitted sweaters. I hope it will be of some help to you.

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Post time: Feb-23-2022