How to Inspect Custom Knitted Sweaters?

Sweater--as the best "person" to keep out the cold, the best partner for dressing, and responsible for appearance of the clothing industry, it has been started calling on various platforms since autumn begins. When people go to the mall to buy sweaters, they must think that a sweater can be packaged and sold in the mall from raw materials to ready-to-wear as long as there is no problem. In fact, it is not. Every time a sweater goes from yarn to ready-to-wear, it has to go through several inspection items before it can be packaged in the mall. So how to check the sweater? What is the test standard? I will let you know about it~

Appearance inspection

1. Thick and thin yarn, chromatic aberration, stains, running yarn, damaged, snake-like, dark horizontal, fluffy head, hand feeling.

2. The collar clip should be flat and smooth.

Dimensional inspection

Strictly follow the size chart.

The symmetry test

1. The size of the collar and whether the collar bones are opposite.

2. The width of the two shoulders and the two clips.

3. The length of the two sleeves and the width of the cuffs.

4. The length of the sides and the length of the forks.

Workmanship inspection

1. The lines of all parts are straight, tidy and firm, and the tightness is appropriate. No floating lines or broken lines.

2. Common defects of lapel collar: skewed collar tube, exposed bottom tube, yarn running at the collar edge, uneven surface of the tube, neck height, and collar tip size.

3. Common defects of round necks: the collar position is skewed, the neckline is wavy, and the collar slats are exposed.

Ironing inspection

1. The parts are ironed and flattened, no water stains, dirt, etc.

2. The thread should be cut completely.

Material inspection

1. The position of the mark and the sewing effect, whether the listing is correct, whether there are any omissions, and the texture of the plastic bag.

2. All in accordance with the instructions of the bill of materials.

Packaging Inspection

Fold properly and flat, strictly follow the packaging instructions.

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Post time: Nov-04-2022