How to hang knit sweaters

We all know we're not supposed to hang knit sweaters on hangers to avoid stretching out the shoulders and ruining the shape. But did you know you CAN hang your sweater up without damaging it? Yes! It's so easy you'll be surprised and I have a step by step tutorial to show you how!

1. Lay your sweater flat and smooth it out. Fold the sweater in half vertically so that the sleeves are stacked on top of one another. To reduce wrinkles, you can smooth the sweater with your hands after you fold it.


2. Place the hanger on top of the sweater with the hook under the armpit.


3. Wrap sleeves over the shoulder of the hanger, then slide it underneath the bottom bar. Make sure the sleeves are as close to the hook as possible when they’re folded.


4. Repeat step 3 with the body of  the sweater--Wrap the body over the other shoulder of the hanger.


5. Hang the sweater in your closet. When you hang it up, make sure the sleeves and torso of the sweater are still in place and not scrunched up.


That's all-you're all finished! Now you can hang your sweaters up without worrying about damaging them! I don't know about you but I prefer hanging my sweaters so that I can see my options better when picking out what to wear-this is perfect for that!

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Post time: Jul-07-2022