Five popular highlights of sweaters

The fashion of sweaters has long overridden its practicality. A knitted sweater can create a variety of different images. Let's take a look at the five fashion highlights of sweaters:

Highlight 1: coarse bar weaving.

The high-necked sweater with the highest coating is not a particularly eye-catching design in outline, and it is easiest to match with other autumn and winter items. The exaggerated wide metal belt makes the figure wrapped by a heavy sweater curved, with berets and metal earrings. Full of fashion. The collocation of this kind of sweater with a coat will also deliberately think of bad results, and if you show beautiful legs, it will be even sexier. The sweet round neckline and the fine feel of coarse knitting are the best elements. Loose gray sweater mixed with plaid skirt, do not have a pure British lady campus amorous feelings.

Highlight 2: exaggerated neckline.

This year's designers have also played tricks on the collar, with large v-collars as low as the chest and even the lower abdomen to show your beautiful collarbone lines. This kind of neckline stretches downward to the cervical-chest area, and people who think their faces are chubby or have a double chin are most suitable to use this kind of sweater to decorate the outline. For women who like the artistic style of exaggeration and street dressing, this sweater is very individual. Already very cool super-large neckline, coupled with exaggerated bat sleeves, become arrogant and unruly, alternative front position, giving people an unprecedented sense of magic.

Highlight 3: cloak style.

Ultra-thick knitting and cloak design are the hottest popular elements this season. Even if the dress becomes warm in autumn and winter, it shows the feeling of a noble socialite and lady. Also infected with the smell of bohemia, become unruly, alternative avant-garde. The best choice for a cloak is one that is slightly above the knee and is easy to move without procrastination. Extra-long cloaks will have an egg-shaped fluffy feeling, now the clothes should not be thick, you can skillfully choose more tight narrow-legged pants that can not only slim the body, but also make the layers richer without showing bloated. The loose-style cloak has the charm of a gypsy girl.

Highlight 4: woolen skirt.

The most popular way to wear it is, of course, to wear a single dress with bare legs and fringed boots, which are popular this year. Sweaters are still popular with academic girls. Snowflakes or wig patterns, plus a hat or gloves with the same pattern, are the magic weapon for the perfect attire. The long and short woolen skirt is easy to bring out the gentle and gentle femininity, and the pure tone one-piece skirt is the fashion younger sister's favorite style. The neckline decoration of the lotus leaf and the small lace of the bottomed trousers all reflect the loveliness of the little woman. The soft furry feeling of the small white wool coat gives people a warm and lovely impression of you.

Highlight 5: comfortable and relaxed.

Let the slender body "hide" in the big heavy sweater, that kind of casual, relaxed feeling unconsciously revealed. With pink hats and socks, it's like going back to the carefree student days.

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Post time: Feb-23-2022