Advice from QQKNIT

This philosophy for handmade dog jumper knitters revolves around humility, strategic action, adaptability and social harmony. Here’s a breakdown of the principles:

1. **Hide Strength and Avoid Showoff**: Skilled knitters should keep their talents low-key. This prevents unnecessary competition and reduces the chances of causing envy among peers. It’s about being modest and focusing on the craft rather than seeking attention.

2. **Avoid Pride and Trouble**: Staying humble is crucial. Pride can lead to conflicts and create trouble in the knitting community. By remaining grounded, knitters can maintain harmonious relationships and a supportive environment.

3. **Take Advantage of the Situation**: When opportunities arise, such as a knitting competition or a chance to showcase work, knitters should seize the moment and display their skills. It’s important to know when to step into the spotlight and make the most of it. However, even then, it's crucial to do so in a way that doesn't incite envy or resentment in others.

4. **Do Best in Both Action and Retraction**: Whether stepping forward to showcase their work or stepping back to avoid conflicts, knitters should do so with excellence. This means preparing thoroughly for presentations and also handling the aftermath of stepping back, such as resolving any lingering issues or ensuring smooth transitions.

5. **Avoid Jealousy**: When showing off their work, knitters should do so in a way that doesn’t provoke envy. This might involve sharing credit, being generous with praise for others, and focusing on collective achievements rather than personal glory.

6. **Adaptability and Aftermath Management**: When it's time to step back, also do your best to do a good job of aftermath work. This emphasizes the importance of knowing when to retreat or step back. After a significant effort or display, it's essential to manage the consequences effectively. This might involve smoothing over any issues that arose, addressing any fallout, and ensuring everything is left in good order.

In essence, this approach encourages knitters to balance their ambition with humility. It encourages individuals to be mindful of their behavior and its impact on others, to be strategic in their actions, and to maintain harmony within their community. It’s about knowing when to shine and when to step back, to act decisively when necessary, and to handle the consequences responsibly, all while fostering a positive and collaborative environment.

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Post time: May-16-2024